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  • 06 September 2019

    LKQ helps revolutionise family-owned bodyshop

    Fylde Coast ARC transformed with new multi-million-pound facility ready for EVs. 

    LKQ Coatings has helped to design a new state-of-the-art bodyshop in Blackpool. Fylde Coast Accident Repair Centre wanted to prepare for the future by building a new facility that used the latest processes and bodyshop innovations. Through LKQ Coatings, the team of specialists at Workshop Solutions were able to provide the ambitious project with vital guidance from its inception.

    Having opened Fylde Coast back in 1982, Dave Hyland felt like it was time to turn the business’ focus to the next generation. Dave, along with his wife, Linda, and son, Dane, sought to build a new bodyshop that was prepared for the automotive industry’s push toward hybrid and electric vehicles while improving their bodyshop’s processes and efficiencies.

    Dave visited LKQ Coatings at the beginning of the project to discuss his ambitions. The team immediately helped to design the layout of the workshop and the adjoining facilities.

    “Dave came to us with a broad idea of what he was looking to do,” explained Adam White, Workshop Solutions director. “Over the course of a day, we all sat down and worked out the number of bays, the size of the building, the reception, canteen, board room. By the time Dave left, he was carrying an initial set of plans under his arm.”

    The team also worked closely with the Hylands to perfect the processes, products, reporting and training for the business’ new era.

    “From the beginning, I could see that the Fylde Coast team were committed to creating something special,” explained Andy Smith, managing director, LKQ Coatings. “Dave was open to a complete overhaul of their processes and they are now in an excellent position going forward.”

    With construction completed earlier this year, Fylde Coast ARC celebrated its official launch with an open day. The new site is now fully operational and even features three electric vehicle charge points outside its reception.

    “I trusted them completely and accepted many of their suggestions and ideas,” explained Dave Hyland, founder and manager, Fylde Coast ARC. “Our monthly output has increased by 54% and we are still working to identify opportunities for further optimisation. The result has surpassed all expectations and has set us up for success in the years to come.”

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