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We are greater than the sum of our parts.
We know that people make us who we are.

At LKQ Euro Car Parts we recognise that our people are our most valuable asset. They make the difference between good and great.


The skills of our people make LKQ Euro Car Parts. That’s why we do more to help you develop.


Eager to take the next step in your career? We have lots of ways to support you.


A competitive salary with exciting staff discounts and deals. Discover a more rewarding career.


From Sales and Ops Management, to E-Commerce and Marketing, make the next steps in your career more rewarding with LKQ Euro Car Parts.

A day in the life of…


A typical day as a Training Shift Manager at Head Office starts with a morning team brief followed by our Daily Incident call to discuss the recent incidents, identifying measures we can put in place to prevent them from happening again.

Working alongside our agency, I provide them with our requirements for each department. On a Monday we induct all new starters and complete a weeks’ worth of training.

A big part of my role also involves brain storming sessions, here I review processes, improving them and working with others to implement these ideas.

A day in the life of…


I start my day analysing the latest reports to see how business is, identifying areas needing improvement.

Then, I’ll join the regional call. Due to Covid restrictions these calls are virtual at the moment, but it’s still great to see everyone on camera!

Every fortnight the Executive team hold a Business Update call, including a Q&A where we can interact and ask questions on behalf of our teams. The calls are always very informative and give us a good idea of everything happening in the business.

After a typical day I’ll wind down with either a book or jump on my Playstation 5!

A day in the life of…


Most mornings start with a regional conference call, making sure we discuss targets and requirements for the week/month/quarter. Then, I’ll review and refresh my knowledge on the team’s focus for the month, looking at how we can improve on our current performance.

I’ll brief my team each day across all departments but most importantly, making sure the team’s mindset is positive and ready for the day ahead!

Meeting with my Driver Controller and Operations Manager, we will sit down and review inputs and behaviours, ensuring we meet our customer expectations of service, availability and delivery.

Throughout the day, I’ll answer calls and will always be on hand to deal with any customer queries or issues.

A day in the life of…


As a Branch Manager my day can involve anything from making feedback calls to customers to briefing my team on the latest focus and ensuring our branch stays on top of health and safety.

Every day I will brief my team on what’s expected of them for that day, from targets to general housekeeping. Making sure I don’t miss out the warehouse and drivers in our Operations teams, I will update the whiteboard in our dispatch area, with any targets or business updates. So the team knows what the goals are to become the best branch in the network, I also have our business values on this board, making sure they’re at the front of everything we do.

Not forgetting updating and reminding colleagues on our engagement board in the sales office, advising each area of what our focus and goals need to be for engagement metrics that month.

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