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Vision & Philosophy

People at the heart of everything

Our way of doing things

We may have grown since we began in 1978, but today our 250+ stores still have the same people centric philosophy at heart. We believe that attitude is why we have succeeded and grown. It’s why the best in the business want to work for us. And we believe it’s the key to constantly wanting to do more for our customers.

It’s also something that should be evident every time you contact any person within the business.

Built to last

There’s more to LKQ Euro Car Parts than car parts. Our customers choose us not just because we deliver more, faster, for less right across the UK. They choose us because, throughout our history, we’ve help them grow their businesses too.

For decades, to partner with LKQ Euro Car Parts has been to partner with a group who can help expand your services, grow your skills and build your reputation. Through strategic partnerships, and initiatives such as the Autofirst Network, we’ve helped our customers drive loyalty, increase conversions, cut waste and expand their technical capabilities.

It’s how we’ve ensured that the relationships we’ve established with our customers are built to last.


Our Values

  • Development


  • Excellence


  • Leadership


  • Integrity & Trust

    Integrity & Trust

  • Value Added

    Value Added

  • Embracing change

    Embracing change

  • Resourceful


  • Sustainability


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