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  • 20 December 2022


    Tamworth firm LKQ Euro Car Parts has sent a lorry load of Christmas presents to Ukraine following an outpouring of support for its Christmas present appeal.

    The company, which has already donated two ambulances full of aid to the country in the summer – including the ambulances themselves – had initially planned to collect presents and drive them to the Ukraine in two more ambulances.

    But the level of support shown by colleagues means that an ambulance and an HGV are now needed to deliver them.

    The presents will be driven from Tamworth to Poland where they will be delivered to nuns from the congregation of St Joseph, who run nurseries and a care home in Ukraine.

    LKQ Euro Car Parts has provided ongoing support for the congregation throughout this year. Three ambulances have been delivered to hospitals in the Ukraine, and a further two have been delivered to the front line. Essential medicines and hygiene products have also been supplied as well as funds for children to attend summer camps.

    Richard Morgan, Chief Operating Officer at LKQ Euro Car Parts, said: “After such a great response to the ambulance donations this summer, we felt that it was right to continue to provide support and assistance wherever we can.

    “It’s heartwarming and inspiring to see how our colleagues have gone above and beyond to donate Christmas gifts, exceeding our original target by so much that we had to change our plans to transport them all. We hope that these presents will help put a smile on the children’s faces this Christmas.”

    The appeal was also supported by a number of LKQ Euro Car Parts’ partners, suppliers, and local businesses, including ATS, Klarius, National Refrigerant, Halfords,, Tamworth Fishing Tackle, Boden, Help and Hope, Kiedron MTD, LKQ Elit, Caritas Poland, Polish firefighters from Lezajsk, and the Polish Centre in Leamington Spa.

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