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Euro Car Parts gives away 4 million in prizes

8 February 2017

Euro Car Parts, the UK’s leading distributor of car and LCV parts, is celebrating supplying 10 million Crosland filters to workshops around the UK since this heritage brand was relaunched in 2013.

To mark the occasion, the organisation is giving away four million pounds in incentives to customers in a promotion that will be running throughout February.  

Any brand of oil, air, fuel or cabin filter that is purchased in February will come with a scratch card that has a code to enter the competition. Every card is a winner and if three different filters are purchased on one invoice then Euro Car Parts will send that customer three scratch cards. The code needs to be registered online at www.thanksamillion.clubto redeem a prize.

There are some great products to be won, including 55-inch Smart TVs, Sony wireless speakers, Fitbits, ACER 8-inch Tablets, Drones, BOSE Mini Speakers and JAM Fusion Wireless Headphones. Customers can also win Haribo Sweets, Euro Car Parts branded coffee mugs, as well as a ‘£5 off’ MasterPro Tool voucher.

Finally, every card that is registered on www.thanksamillion.clubwill be entered in a draw to win one of three top prizes. The first prize is a Bosch KTS590 with ESi. This is the latest version of the diagnostic tool from Bosch incorporating Diagnostics Over Internet Protocol (DOIP), and, together with one-year’s ESi software subscription, the package is worth a cool £3,000.

The second prize is one year’s ‘Level 1’ subscription to Euro Academy, worth £960, and the third prize is a one-user, one-year subscription to ALLDATA, worth over £800.

Originally founded in 1955, Crosland has significant OE heritage and was a major supplier to automotive manufacturers including Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ford and General Motors during the heyday of British automotive manufacturing. After a period spent on the shelf, Crosland was reawakened and is now exclusively available from Euro Car Parts in the UK. The brand works hard to ensure it meets the quality standards it was always known for and supplies a premium filter at a competitive price.

That is why Crosland Filters are manufactured in the best filter factories around the world, complying with tough quality standards. The filters meet the strict requirements set by every engine and vehicle manufacturer, and have the same warranty rate as the three leading filter manufacturers. To further demonstrate Crosland’s commitment to quality each filter is labeled with its manufacture date and which factory produced it. This enables the company to have a robust audit system for all the filters it produces and mirrors the practices of all the leading Original Equipment (OE) filter manufacturers.

What’s more, each Crosland manufacturing facility needs to be ranked top three for quality in their country of origin and have its own Research & Development Laboratory that constantly refines and develops the materials and process used in manufacturing. They must also have approved quality testing processes and hold appropriate ISO or TS Certification. This focus on quality makes Crosland a great alternative to OE brands.   

Martin Gray, CEO of Euro Car Parts, said: “This is a terrific filter that demonstrates the quality of Crosland’s products. It is a premium part sold at a competitive price and demonstrates Euro Car Parts continued commitment to supporting market-leading independent workshops.”

To find out more about Euro Car Parts’ Crosland filters range, visit the official website or visit your nearest Euro Car Parts branch.