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1 April 2010

Asthma UK, Corteco and Euro Car Parts a leading car parts distributor are working together to raise awareness that regularly changing of your car cabin filter benefits asthma suffers. The three companies kicked off their regional awareness campaign starting at Brent Park Tesco Car Park on Thursday March 25th.

Motorists need to be aware that they need to protect their health by ensuring that the cabin filters in their cars are changed regularly and buy good quality cabin filters to filter out harmful dust and diesel particles.

Regularly changing your cabin filter is even more critical if you suffer from asthma. On the day, representatives from all three companies were on hand to educate and advise motorists on the health importance of using Corteco filters and offering Corteco Cabin Filters free of charge and free fitting at a local garage Wembley Hill Garage.

Donna West, director of communications commented: "Euro Car Parts with a network of 74 branches provide OE-quality parts with savings of up to 70% and we offer Corteco micronAir® range of cabin filters. These cabin air filters that need to be replaced every 10,000 miles protect drivers and passengers from dust, pollen and exhaust contaminants. micronAir® cabin air filters provide a healthy car by ensuring clean entering air of almost all foreign particles. The filter includes fitting instructions and standard fitting times for first-time, trouble-free installation to allow an easy job."

Steve Jarnet, sales and marketing manager at Corteco added: "Cabin Air Filters protect passengers from pollen, fine dust, diesel particles, gases and smells; this contamination is six times higher inside your car than by the roadside. By changing the filter you not only avoid misted windows and damage to the heating system but also reduce contamination of your air conditioning system.

"The first of many of our regional awareness campaigns went better than expected- we managed to speak to a large number of shoppers/motorists and tell them of the important benefits of changing their car filter and using a Corteco filter. Once they had told us their vehicle registration number we were then able to issue them a free filter and fitting at a garage around the corner or a voucher to get a filter at their local ECP branch."

Tesco shopper and mother of two, Jackie Togher took time out to listen about the importance of changing a car cabin filter. She commented: "After speaking with the representatives and learning about the importance of changing my car cabin filter it has shocked me into action. My two boys had asthma when they were very young but luckily they have grown out of it- however anything that can help prevent asthma attacks is useful. Therefore I am pleased to receive the free cabin filter and I plan to get it fitted at my local garage. I was also pleased to learn that there is a retail counter at the Wembley branch of Euro Car Parts where I can get either buy parts or consumables for my car and the advisors there will help and advise me- I plan to visit the branch very soon."