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  • 03 July 2020

    MOT tests are set to return as a mandatory test from 1st August

    The number of MOT tests is set for a dramatic increase following a return to mandatory testing on 1 August.

    Andy Hamilton, CEO at LKQ Euro Car Parts, commented:

    “While we recognised the need for the MOT extension given the lockdown travel restrictions and amount of garage business closures throughout March to May, we welcome today’s decision to close the extension from the end of July.

    “There is now a risk that many motorists may have unsafe vehicles on the road. Recommencing MOT testing is essential in ensuring roadworthiness, and helping keep the UK’s road users safe.

    “As an industry, there are steps we will need to take to adapt for the new demand curve that will begin in October and prepare workshops for the high number of tests that will be required throughout the winter months.

    “With this in mind, we’re encouraging garages to prepare now. This includes ensuring testers stay on top of their training to make sure they are ready not just to deal with, but to benefit from this increase in demand. Investments in increased capacity are likely to pay off, so we also suggest training up new testers, and considering whether there’s scope to add another testing bay in the workshop.”

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