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  • 07 December 2021

    LKQ Euro Car Parts Urges Workshops to Get ready for winter brake checks

    LKQ Euro Car Parts is advising garages to prepare for a busy winter of brake checks, as a combination of potential piston damage and rust build-up threaten to create the perfect storm. The parts provider is warning that, as vehicle use gradually increases following the UK’s national lockdowns, rust build-up caused by long periods of sitting idle – known as stiction – will take its toll on brake pads and discs, resulting in premature wear. This comes as garages move into what is already peak time for brake calliper replacements, as salt and grit used to treat icy roads kicks up into braking systems, causing piston seizures. With this critical period for brake servicing fast approaching, Colin Cottrell, marketing director at LKQ Euro Car Parts, says there are significant revenue opportunity for garages, and that they should take now to prepare to take advantage. Colin said: “Our advice to garages is to check the braking system of every vehicle that comes through your door – regardless of what they’re in for. Often, any problems can be diagnosed with a quick visual check. Stiction can be identified straight away, meaning garages can recommend any required part replacements up-front. “Similarly, there are tell-tale signs that drivers themselves may have experienced that point to brake wear. Asking your customers if they have noticed anything unusual while breaking, such as judder or vibrations, can help you diagnose potential problems and recommend the best solution.” LKQ Euro Car Parts is also encouraging garages to ensure their technicians are equipped with the latest training, skills and tools to effectively service braking systems. Highly-precise and finely tuned, the slightest inaccuracy in brake alignment can lead to fresh problems when drivers are back on the road – hampering customer satisfaction and trust. Colin added: “The LKQ Academy provides IMI-accredited braking and chassis training courses, that give technicians all of the information they need to properly diagnose and service potential brake issues. “Critically, the tools needed to service brakes are simple to use, and will be affordable to any garage. “Standard equipment such as hub cleaning tools and run-out gauges can be used to quickly test that all braking components are fitted accurately, meaning you can easily provide a first-time fix, every time.”

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