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  • 26 October 2021


    LKQ Euro Car Parts has added Wynn’s E10 Protector to its product range, to help the independent aftermarket counter concerns around the new fuel.

    E10 unleaded petrol – which contains up to 10 per cent renewable ethanol – was introduced in the UK at the start of September, to align with European standards and help reduce carbon emissions.

    While most car owners are unlikely to notice a difference, the RAC recently reported that there could be as many as 600,000 vehicles on our roads that are not compatible with E10 fuel – typically that have older engines or fuel systems.

    When filled with E10, these vehicles’ fuel systems can suffer from corrosion and blockages over time due to the fuel’s higher ethanol levels – problems that can be prevented with a dose of Wynn’s E10 Protector each time the vehicle is refuelled.

    The treatment also cleans – and keeps clean – injectors and intake valves, lubricates and protects the entire fuel system, stabilises the fuel and prevents oxidation, and restores engine performance and fuel economy.

    Colin Cottrell, marketing director at LKQ Euro Car Parts, said: “The addition of Wynn’s E10 Protector reflects our focus on product quality, and commitment to ensuring the independent garages we support can service every vehicle to the highest standard.

    “The E10 Protector represents a great opportunity for garages to drive loyalty and trust – first by fixing a problem caused by E10 use, and then by sending the customer away with a solution that will stop it from happening again.”

    To help technicians effectively diagnose faults caused by E10 petrol, LKQ Euro Car Parts also offers a range of diagnostic tools, providing the capability to pinpoint the reason for a breakdown or running issue.

    And its Payment Assist scheme, which allows drivers to pay for unexpected repair bills in instalments, is designed to help garages resolve potentially high-value failures and get their customers back on the road.

    Colin Cottrell added: “Our range of diagnostic machines helps to take guesswork out of the equation when assessing a fault, which in this case could easily be confused with battery or other engine-related failures.

    “A worst-case scenario here is that garages see an increase in fuel part failures such as pumps, filters and even injectors as a result of E10 use. To support them and their customers, we have reviewed our stock and pricing on all of these parts to ensure we have the right part, at the right price, available immediately.”

    For more information, contact your designated LKQ Euro Car Parts account manager, get in touch with your local branch, or visit

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