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  • 02 December 2019

    Euro Car Parts launches the latest innovations from GKN

    Euro Car Parts is now stocking the latest components from high-performance OE-quality supplier, GKN. Featuring Countertrack (SX) joints, Ballspline technology and innovative Propshaft designs, GKN’s parts match or exceed original equipment specifications. Available for many vehicle models, these advances are providing repairers and motorists with peace-of-mind by bringing leading-edge OEM technology to the aftermarket. 

    “Thanks to advances like these, the aftermarket is able to keep up with the latest in automotive technology,” explained Helen Robinson, Corporate Communications Director at Euro Car Parts. “Suspension and drivetrain components are essential to vehicle operation and critical to safety. It is important that workshops and technicians take care of their customers, understand part requirements and avoid compromising on quality. Euro Car Parts continues to supply the market with a diverse range of quality parts for any car, including the latest offerings from GKN.” 

    Euro Car Parts is continuing to expand its extensive portfolio of GKN driveline products supporting workshops with access to the best parts, enabling customers to retain business and operate profitably. GKN’s newest innovations match or exceed OE part performance and feature many novel technologies, helping repairers stay abreast of the latest automotive developments. 

    For more information on the latest drivetrain components, including the range from GKN, visit your local Euro Car Parts branch. 

    New GKN technologies from Euro Car Parts

    Countertrack (SX) Joints 

    GKN’s Countertrack SX joints use an S-shaped track profile and counter-running ball tracks. The innovative design manages to reduce internal friction and heat in a smaller form factor, simultaneously increasing maximum torque transmission and possible deflection angle.

    Ballspline Technology 

    To fulfil the competing demands placed on SUV suspension systems for on-road and off-road vehicles, engineers at GKN Automotive developed Ballspline technology – a successful solution quickly adopted by both Land Rover and Volvo. Driveshafts with Ballspline technology match the OE driveshaft while incorporating ball-bearing slide compensation. Using a high-precision linear motion bearing, the Ballspline plunge unit permits zero-backlash axial displacement while transmitting torque, bringing high performance in a compact size with excellent stability and accuracy during acceleration, deceleration and at high speeds. 

    Premium Propshafts 

    To transmit torque effectively, a propshaft must rotate with minimum vibration and adapt to the angles and spacing between the transmission and axle quickly and smoothly. Available from ECP, GKN Automotive’s propshaft range includes a variety of constant velocity joints that combine Ballspline and SX Countertrack joint technologies and several highly developed pipe materials to match specific application demands.

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