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Security Guard - Santry | Dublin (Santry) | Scotland and Ireland
More Information:

Security Guard Job Purpose:

Monitors premises to ensure Health and safety compliance, prevent theft or other illegal activities. Makes sure that buildings are secure at all times.

Security Guard Job Duties:

  • Walks around premises to investigate signs of intrusion.
  • Responds to all alarms and act accordingly to emergency situations.
  • Monitors CCTV.
  • Authorises employees and non-employees to enter and exit the premises.
  • Book in and out all vehicles at gatehouse.
  • Contacts police of fire department in an emergency.
  • Keeps a log of all visitors.
  • Writes daily activity reports; provides them to employer on request.
  • Reports employees or visitors not adhering to company rules.
  • Monitors all parking situations.
  • Notifies managers of rule infractions.
  • Provides valuable feedback to management about the security of a business.
  • Monitors the premises for criminal activity.
  • Stops suspicious activities by asking for identification.
  • Carries out searches on employees, visitors and contractors.
  • Checks any and all bags for suspicious or prohibited items.
  • Inspects all points of entry to make sure they are secure.
  • Stays in contact with other security personnel to make sure the premises is secure at all times.
  • Answers phone calls during and after official business hours.

Security Guard Skills and Qualifications:

Security industry act licenced (SIA)

Health and safety aware.

Acts with integrity at all times.

Time Oriented.

Good Verbal Communication Skills.

Basic Computer Skills

Customer serviced focused.