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Logistics General Manager | Dublin (Santry) | Scotland and Ireland
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Dublin NDC General Manager

We are looking to recruit a General Manager for our new NDC in Santry, Dublin. The successful candidate will be responsible for the day to day running of the operations for the NDC as well as looking at operational continuous improvement across the ROI business. As General Manager you will be expected to have full autonomy over the following:

-       Creating an inspiring vision of the future.

-       Motivating and inspiring people to engage with that vision.

-       Managing the delivery of the vision.

-       Responsible for cost control and operational efficiency.

-       Involved in coaching and developing a team that is more effective at achieving the vision, and deliver improved results.

-       You will have line management responsibility for a number of managers working across various shifts at the DC.

-       You will be responsible for continuing the transformation of our NDC operating model in Ireland to improve availability to our branches and help drive increased sales.

-       Managing improvements in delivery logistics across the network

Some of the key attributes for the role are listed below:

·       Integrity

·       Delegation

·       Communication

·       Confidence

·       Commitment

·       Positive Attitude

·       Creativity

If you are interested in applying for this position please send a copy of your full CV. 
Please be aware that there will be a two stage interview process for this position.