Business Development Manager

I arrive at work refreshed and ready for the days coming adventures!

Check who I am due to visit that day – I have a journey planner and so always know where I am going to try and get around 12 to 15 visits in per day. Some of my customers are really interesting characters and I look forward to going and catching up with them!

I retrieve information update forms from for any promotions that are running so that I can keep my customers up to date and check to make sure that any issues they may have raised last time I visited them have been resolved. I also get a status update so that I can keep the customer informed. As well as pick up any pieces of equipment that I might need for demonstrations during my visits. On some occasions I may be going out with a supplier rep which is always a good opportunity to learn more about certain products and how the supplier reps sell these into customers.

Head out of the office to being my days visits.

8.30am to 13.00pm
Visit my morning customers – sometimes I’ll have to speak to the people at the branch to sort out any urgent issues / orders. When I’m with the customers I’ll look at items that they used to buy and don’t anymore and try and find out why they don’t use us. We’ll talk about pricing, stockholding, delivery service, promotions, new products and any account queries – it can be very varied and you have to expect the unexpected.

Eat my lunch and get a breath of fresh air.

13.40pm - 17.00pm
Continue visiting my current customers but will also attempt to make headway with new customers so if I spot any garages on my rounds that don’t currently buy from us I will drop in and have a chat – if I can’t speak to the person in charge of buying parts then I’ll leave my business card and a brochure and also pick up one of their business cards to follow up at a later date.

Return to the branch and dish out the customer orders amongst the sales people. I will then have a meeting with the Branch Manager to go through my call sheet and deal with them accordingly.

Get back home so that I can spend some time with my two young boys – good chance for me to relax and wind down!

The main purpose of my job is to increase the sales and profit for the customers within the geographical area that my branch covers. I do this through getting new customers on board and increasing the product lines or volumes of products that Euro Car Parts sell into current customers.

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