Sales Manager

Arrive at work to get the branch ready for a good days trading.

Check branch sales figures and update the office whiteboards so that the team can see the branch figures month to date – which helps us to see how well we are performing against our target.

Get together with the cashier and ensure that the previous days banking is all ok and make sure that they are ready for the coming day.

Update the sales monitoring whiteboards reference individual and targeted customer spends.

Have a brief team meeting with the parts advisors regarding the previous days sales and current branch figures – this is to highlight the gaps, discuss current promotions that we can sell into our customers, talk about any ideas they have for increasing the sales and also highlight any issues that may occur – i.e. if we are a driver down then the parts advisors will need to take this into account when quoting delivery times.

Call my key account customers and take any incoming calls. Keeping an eye on the sales office, making sure that all calls are answered by the parts advisors and that they are dealt with swiftly. Continually monitor the customer boards and sales boards, updating the figures every hour so that I can take action if we fall behind. Make sure that the parts advisors are all happy and motivated – keeping a smile on their faces!

12 noon
Usually around midday I’ll grab a lunch break – it gives me time to refresh myself and have a break from the buzz of the sales office. It also gives me time to reflect on the morning performance and think of any ideas that we can use in the afternoon.

Check the customer sales boards so that I can personally contact any of the top 20 customers that haven’t bought from us that day.

Check the branch credits and process any that are required

Get back on the phones for the last couple of hours to take incoming calls and help to boost the sales.

Make calls for overnight stock orders to make sure that the parts we’ve promised our customers will arrive the following day.

End of day meetings – I’ll have a team wrap-up with the parts advisors about the day’s results and then have a meeting with the Branch Manager to discuss the day’s events and action any issues that we both need to take action on.

Head home!

Ultimately it is my role to be responsible for the efficient daily operation of the branch sales and despatch, and to assist the Branch Manager in getting the best out of our team so that we achieve – and in some cases hopefully exceed – our targets!

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