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Branch Manager


As a Branch Managerfor ECP you will look to maintain and deliver the highest trade standards, develop talent and maximise our profits at every opportunity throughout the day, every day!

This includes managing and motivating the branch based Sales teams towards Sales and Margin targets whilst creating a competitive and exciting environment where success is celebrated, and customers feel valued.

Experience / Duties:

Key Accountabilities:

Driving Sales & Margin Performance:


  • Motivate and review the team of Sales Advisors towards exceeding sales and profit targets and review performance individually on a monthly basis.
  • Motivate and Manage the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) to identify and react to all potential blockers and opportunities within the branch customer base
  • Maintain and develop an internal pipeline of Sales Advisor succession, whilst continually challenging performance and identifying the key players in your local competition 
  • Maintain a positive, focused and upbeat sales environment at all times
  • Assist sales staff providing advice and support and a point of escalation
  • Organise and run effective, motivational and results orientated sales team meetings
  • Liaise with and manage your Operations Manager regarding stock availability, Branch Delivery Service, Customer Account management, Stock Takes, Audit’s and all other Branch Operational areas
  • Adopt the style of sales leadership most likely to get the best results in different situations and the style of selling most appropriate to our marketplace
  • Own and produce the branch sales budgets and commit to their achievement of Company Sales and Profit Targets
  • Undertake quarterly reviews of your Sales Business Plans to re-assess and maintain their effectiveness
  • Be proactive in all aspects of sales development; including forward thinking and planning
  • Manage and ensure compliance  across all sales and marketing promotions and initiatives to grow sales and margin
  • Collect and analyse all competitor activity as reported from the sales team and CRM; forward information to the Product team, Marketing and all relevant departments.


Improving Customer Connectivity & Relationships

  • Develop a journey plan with your CRM to connect with key IMT & National Account customers and demonstrate partnerships that support mutual growth
  • Lead a Branch culture where customers are seen as the ‘number one priority’
  • Ensure all customer complaints are dealt with fairly and promptly  
  • Ensure Euro Car Parts have the premier reputation for service the local area
  • Deliver excellent customer service via the whole branch by ensuring the team understand customers are our number one priority and that this will lead to sustainable Branch Performance
  • Drive and focus the front counter teams on delivering a best in class Retail experience putting particular emphasis our Click and Collect market leading service.


Leadership Behaviour:

Model values aligned to ECP status as market leaders as follows:

  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Strong work ethic
  • Trust – do what you say, walk the talk
  • Do the right thing as opposed to the convenient thing
  • Respect all colleagues, be fair and consistent
  • Represent ECP professionally when dealing with all external and internal partners

Team Development:

  • Ensure a comprehensive 4 week induction takes place for all new employees covering key operation and sales functions
  • Ensure all ECP Academy courses are fully completed within acceptable timescales
  • Ensure all colleagues have one personal development activity in place to grow skills


  • Act as the focal point for cross sales/operations communications ensuring service is never compromised
  • Keep those affected informed
  • Hold structured team briefing across all Branch employees outlining key objectives and measures daily
  • Utilise all communication channels to maximum effect
  • Consider the audience motivations and perceptions and keep it simple

Succession Planning & Recruitment:

  • Ensure a comprehensive succession plan is in place for all roles
  • Ensure a multi skilling programme in in place to fulfil future succession starting with fixed hour colleagues
  • Support recruitment with timely  decisions and recruit for attitude above all else

Planning, Organising & Prioritising:

  • Ensure clear short term (daily) medium term (monthly) plans are in place and documented to maximise Branch profitability.
  • Develop and deliver an annual plan covering all critical dates (e.g. MOT seasons, religious celebrations etc.)  considering contingencies
  • Ensure the number one priorities are always sales and customer service levels



HASAW / Staff Welfare / HR:

  • Ensure all legal responsibilities are completed in line with Company expectations
  • Take nothing for granted check it and challenge daily (e.g. fire doors propped open / blocked etc.)
  • Support all HASAW initiatives e.g. First Aid Training
  • Ensure the staff areas are always clean and hygienic and fully furnished with correct equipment and consumables
  • Manage all colleague issues with empathy and discretion involving HR support where necessary

Cost Control:

  • Manage all costs like a business owner
  • Challenge every cost on the P&L to see where you can gain traction / improve profitability
  • Coach team to understand the relationship between sales, cost management to maximise profitability

Performance Management:

  • Set clear SMART and stretching goals and measure performance accordingly
  • Hold your management team to account and ensure they hold their reports to account also
  • Recognise and praise high performance and make it specific and meaningful


Stock Control:

Managing your Operations team to deliver on the below

  • Ensure all stock management procedures are fully in place to underpin accuracy and deliver exemplary customer service
  • Regularly review to ensure all stock controls are in place, including P.I checks, Green Sheets and Warranties
  • Compliance with all Stock Take and Audit controls

Fleet Management:

  • Ensure fleet usage is maximised to deliver exemplary customer service
  • Sweat this asset and set high expectations
  • Regularly review to ensure all fleet controls are in place
Work Hours:

Work Hours:


50.33 hours per week Monday to Friday from 8am – 6pm & Alternate Saturdays from 8am - 4pm

More Information:

Please apply directly to: melanie.kilburn@eurocarparts.com