Parts Advisor

Arrive at work, clock in and log into the computer system.

Check outstanding orders from the previous day and make sure that parts which have arrived overnight are booked straight out for deliveries first thing to customers.

Review individual target status with my Assistant Manager – think about ways of making up any shortfall or ways that I can blast my target. Also look at current promotions we are running and make sure that I have spoken to all of my customers about them.

Start my morning ring round, which is where I call all of the customers in my area to see what they need for the coming day – good chance to speak to them about promotions. Also keep an eye on the incoming calls as these take priority.

Once I’ve finished my morning ring round I take incoming calls, trying to offer additional items / promotional items where possible to boost my sales figures and earn bonuses for me and my customers as they often benefit from the offers we have and can win prizes. I will also serve customers that come to the trade counter.

Lunch break.

Back on the phone after lunch – taking incoming calls, I also do an afternoon ring round so that customers can get their parts on the afternoon delivery runs.

Make another quick round of calls to customers in my area to make sure that we get the parts out to them that they need for their morning jobs.

I head off home!

I build relationships with my customers and keep them happy on a day to day basis by providing the parts that they need, at the right price, at the right time. Aiming to exceed my sales targets on a daily basis I have been able to do this by being pro-active and making outgoing sales calls as well as making the most of the time that I have with the customers when they call me.

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