Branch Manager

Open up the branch early as staff here tend to start trickling in any time after 7.30am!

Hold the morning meeting / motivation session – during this I discuss the positives from the previous day, address any issues that arose the previous day and give the team some fresh ideas regarding a current promotion that is running. I’d also give a couple of the parts advisors who are struggling to hit their target a list of fresh customers to deal with.

Update with my Sales Development Managers – help them to arrange for a supplier to spend a day on the road with them and run through some new products that we are introducing so that they can inform our customers about them. It is also a good opportunity for them to give me their mileage and expenses claims for the month!

Conduct a probationary review for a parts advisor who has been with us for six months – not a huge surprise that I've passed his probation so he's becoming a fully fledged member of the team. He's been doing a cracking job in terms of building relationships with our customers and is an expert when it comes to Japanese parts, plus he gets on really well with the rest of the team.

Answer some emails from head office – requests for information such as current meter readings for the utilities, and authorising payroll – i.e. any absences, latenesss and holidays.

12 noon
Have a look around our showroom – want to make some changes to the merchandising and I’m trying to look at the showroom through the eyes of a customer – what looks good, what catches the eye etc. Also checking for blocked pathways, general cleanliness etc.

Grab a quick sandwich from the local sandwich van – have a catch up with the Warehouse Manager over lunch to address some stock location issues that we have and give a gentle reminder about housekeeping in the warehouse and how important it is that this is kept up to date for health and safety purposes.

Have a good catch up with the drivers. I always make a point of checking the vans – brief survey on condition of tyres, bodywork, cleanliness and it can be difficult to catch the drivers as they are always in and out, so I occasionally spend the afternoon down in the warehouse having general chats with the team down there. Good opportunity to ask them how things are going for them, if they have any ideas for improving any of the processes (within reason!) and generally getting my sleeves rolled up and helping out.

Submit the bonus, mileage and expenses claims to head office, and then go on to work with the cashier to check that the unpaid lists are being addressed, look for discrepancies on banking sheets and sign off cheque refunds.

Finish the day with a quick wrap-up meeting and then see the team off home before setting alarms, locking up and heading home myself.

As a Branch Manager I have to commit to and achieve sales and cost targets. I manage all aspects of the branch operations and monitor the business whilst making recommendations to improve market penetration.

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